Denise DiGrigoli, Motivational Speaker, Author, Founder of My Daily Drive Method, Mulit-prenuer and  Trusted Advisor. Helping others mindfully move forwards towards their goals.
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My Daily Drive method is simple because it starts with 9 minutes a day.  You can begin today and discover results, quickly.
Be amazed at what you can do for yourself as you move forward with a sense of self satisfaction using this practice of 
mindful awareness.

Feel a shift in gears from what may seem like an over stimulated, over-scheduled, crazed life into a smooth 'daily drive'. Even if you feel like you're in reverse or parked, "My Daily Drive" will move you forward. 

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Life is daily. Move it forward, mindfully.

Discover how setting aside 9 minutes a day can help you live a more self-satisfied life. You'll learn the art of moving forward begins with steering your thoughts. Denise's Daily Drive will show you how to shape your energy so staying motivated and achieving your desires and goals becomes easier.

It's mindful living for an overall happier life, being more organized and focused, capturing life's important moments, enjoying the journey along the way

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conscious-living, simple practice that is all in one place.  I've created it and used with success for over twenty years.  This practice reminds you that you are in the driver's seat of your journey. And it's all good, regardless of weather or road conditions.

It's the art of moving forward, inspired, while completing daily tasks, capturing life's moments and weaving in steps to help you manifest your goals.

See you on the drive, 
graciously, gratefully and zestfully! 

About Denise DiGrigoli: 
Denise is a successful business owner, in marketing and creative industries.  She has served on numerous advisory committees and nonprofit boards, helping entrepreneurs to start and stay in business.  Her interest in the field of intuition and self- empowerment began with her own motivational journaling.  This practice provided her with insights and hope as she designed her life, and it is from this experience that she developed a systematic approach to creating change and positive growth–a practice she calls, My Daily Drive™.

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